Zehui Li
MPhil, University of Cambridge
Cloud Engineer, Microsoft

I’m a graduate Master student in Advanced Computer Science at the University of Cambridge advised by Prof. Pietro Lio' and Prof. Simone Teufel. Currently, I work in Microsoft as a cloud engineer. I have a background in machine learning/computer science and a passion for cancer biology and bioinformatics.My research topics include machine learning with graphs, natural language processing, and unsupervised learning.


  • Machine Learning with Graphs
  • Bioinfomatics and Network biology
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Structured Probabilistic Model


University of Cambridge
2019 - 2020
MPhil Advanced Computer Science
graduated with Distinction, supervised by Prof. Pietro Lio’ and Prof. Simone Teufel
University of Nottingham
2015 - 2019
B.Sc. Data Science
Graduate with First Class Honours


Recent update

Research Projects

Researh project related to machine learning and bioinformatics
Optimising representation learning of heterogeneous cancer data, 2020,
Zehui Li
An exploration on the optimization routines of SVI for GPs, 2020,
Zehui Li
Adversarial Attack on State-of-the-art Question-Answering Systems, 2020,
Zehui Li


Interesting projects
Smoother robot control with the variants of A* planning algorithm
Consistency theorem for clustering
Self-driving Car simulator using Reinforcement Learning